The Blame Game

An addict blames everyone else for their problems. Loved ones wonder what they did wrong.  All of them play the blame game. All of them feel guilt and shame.  Loved ones do not realize that they enable the addict, and the addict does not realize how much they are hurting their loved ones.   Worse yet, neither the addict nor the enabler understands that they both need recovery.

Addiction is a family “disease”.  Every family that has a “user” also has an enabler. An enabler will go to great lengths to protect the addict. An enabler will make excuses and manipulate so that the user does not have to face consequences of the addiction. Every addict needs at least one enabler or he/she will not be an addict for very long. Think about it! An addict that must face the consequences of their addiction cannot use if they are in jail, in a hospital or dead!


If you are sick because of cancer, you go to a doctor for help.  If you’re sick because of addiction, user or enabler, you SHOULD get help!  Instead, you hide the disease because of the stigma, shame and guilt attached to the word.  The stereotype of addiction is …  a stumbling drunk, crack houses, dirty needles, alley transactions.    NOT!!!  Addiction is not a moral choice! It is time we stop judging and become the solution to this catastrophic disease.  In reality, it is your son or daughter, your spouse, your neighbor, your co-worker.

Finally!!! The Federal Government has issued a state of emergency because of this epidemic. (In reality, we are facing a pandemic.) Unfortunately, we are so behind the eight ball in the battle against addiction. The extremely intelligent and knowledgeable “experts” treat addiction as a disease, which it is. This disease, however, is different from other diseases in that it has a physical, a mental and a spiritual component. It is not enough to heal physically, and it is not enough to heal from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Addiction requires spiritual healing as well.

Although one can achieve physical healing quickly, the true healing is in changing the way one thinks and that takes time. Our students learn strategies that empower them not to use drugs or drink alcohol and to stop self-destructive behaviors. Coping tools and spiritual truths put into practice on a daily basis is the real battle. Faith Farm provides the place and the time necessary to learn how to fight the battle. This is Faith Farm Ministries’ recovery program:  a 10- month, faith-based, recovery program that heals much more than simply a physical addiction at no cost to the student. Faith Farm is a free program … no insurance required! We have 440 beds for men and women. We have students from all over the country that come to us after they detox for a Spiritual healing.  It is amazing what you can achieve if you remove greed from the equation.

“I can’t say enough about this organization. My son was on a downward spiral struggling with addiction for 10 years. Faith Farm saved his life! I haven’t seen him this happy for years. This program is excellent … It’s one of a kind! Thank you, Faith Farm, from a very thankful mom!!!” Denise

It is because of special people like you that we can continue to deliver our free 10-month, residential recovery program with 440 beds at three South Florida locations. We provide the place and the time for a full life transformation and recovery program at no cost to our students by helping them build a foundation that provides a successful life of recovery.

Just as a three-legged stool needs all of its legs to stand steady, so does our students need our three-legged approach to achieve lasting transformation and recovery:

  1. Provision of Basic Needs: Shelter, food, clothing, safety and security.
  2. Rehabilitation and Recovery Classes, counseling, 12 step program and peer support groups.
  3. Training and Education:  GED Education, Comprehensive Work Training and college credits.

Each leg of the student’s journey has one common ingredient. For over 6 decades, Faith Farm has been a place where hurting men and women find freedom from the bondage of addiction through the truth, power and love of Jesus Christ. We give our students a “hand up” instead of a hand out so a student has the opportunity to build a strong foundation for success … to stand steady in their life’s recovery journey.

We are many hands … HandUp Button

About the author:  Judy Walters is the Project Manager for Faith Farm Ministries, serves on the ministries’ Academic Board serving as the Board Secretary and is a member of the Emmaus community. She is a published author,  copy writer and editor. She strongly conveys the healing nature of Christ through Celebrate Recovery 12 Step materials combined with The Alpha Series materials by Pastor John Glenn. She is a co-founder of the Boynton Beach Celebrate Recovery Group that currently meets at Faith Farm’s campus. As a mother of four with a former real estate career spanning 25 years, she has many stories and life lessons worth sharing. She is a Licensed Minister with compassion and a powerful message of hope for those who struggle with life controlling issues. Audiences are sure to have valuable take-a-ways when Judy shares her story to inspire and equip audiences in recovery from issues like addiction, co-dependency, abuse and low self-esteem. She has a genuine love for ALL of God’s people and cherishes diversity. She is an enthusiastic disciple that models agape love. Her goal is to remove the stereotype and preconceived stigma of addiction and recovery by showing others that recovery from life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups can be fun and fruitful. “People in recovery for any life controlling issues are the strongest, bravest and most transparent people I know, and I admire their courage.” 
Learn more about Judy | Request Judy

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