Leaving A Legacy

Your-life-has-purposeHas the time you spent living your life made any difference? Will the world be changed because of you?  Will it be better?  Did you significantly affect the life of others?  Will anyone even know you were here a year from now … Twenty, fifty, even a hundred years from now? A legacy is tangible evidence of your existence after you are gone.  Leaving a legacy is the ONLY way you continue to make a lasting and meaningful difference for those who come after us. You should want to know that your life had a positive effect on humanity. Have you improved life for the future generations?. Psalm 20:4 says, “May He grant you according to your heart’s desire, And fulfill your purpose.”

I want to propose an opportunity for you to experience the joy of your purposed legacy. One of the most critical issues facing our society today is that of addiction.  According to a Columbia University Study, “40 million Americans age 12 and over meet the clinical criteria for addiction involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs.” Stephen Odem, Ph.D. wrote in The Sober World newsletter, “It is estimated that each chemically dependent person directly affects at least four others. The math suggests that an astonishing 160 million Americans are directly affected by addiction.”

For 66 years, Faith Farm Ministries has been living its legacy … providing a free, residential, drug and alcohol recovery program for men and women who struggle with addiction.  Our motto has been, “Restoring Hope … One Life At A Time.” We could easily add … “One Family At A Time” to that motto. We have helped tens of thousands over the years. If we were to count families, that number could easily reach into the hundreds of thousands. Roldan is one of those lives restored at Faith Farm …

“An amazing place of hope and restoration!  I owe not only my life but my eternal soul to the guidance that I was provided.  My life is now an amazing journey . . . There is no place like Faith Farm.  I will be forever grateful that God led me there.”          ~Roldan

The societal problem of addiction knows no boundaries, destroys lives, families and communities. To make a lasting legacy, please consider a bequest that might:

  • Establish an annual scholarship in your name that will help save lives.
  • Fund our many educational opportunities including, work training, GED or College credit program.
  • Fund much needed equipment in our Farm Operations, Kitchens, or route trucks.
  • Fund capacity growth with naming rights to help more people as the need continues to be greater.


For more information, please call Judy Walters at (561) 737-2259 or email jwalters@faithfarm.org

About the author:  Judy Walters is the Project Manager for Faith Farm Ministries, serves on the ministries’ Academic Board serving as the Board Secretary and is a member of the Emmaus community. She is a published author,  copy writer and editor. She strongly conveys the healing nature of Christ through Celebrate Recovery 12 Step materials combined with The Alpha Series materials by Pastor John Glenn. She is a co-founder of the Boynton Beach Celebrate Recovery Group that currently meets at Faith Farm’s campus. As a mother of four with a former real estate career spanning 25 years, she has many stories and life lessons worth sharing. She is a licensed minister and a counselor with compassion and a powerful message of hope for those who struggle with life controlling issues. Audiences are sure to have valuable take-a-ways when Judy shares her powerful testimony to inspire and equip audiences in recovery from issues like addiction, co-dependency, abuse and low self-esteem. She has a genuine love for ALL of God’s people and cherishes diversity. She is an enthusiastic disciple that models agape love. Her goal is to remove the stereotype and preconceived stigma of addiction and recovery by showing others that recovery from life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups can be fun and fruitful. “People in recovery for any life controlling issues are the strongest, bravest and most transparent people I know, and I admire their courage.” 
Learn more about Judy | Request Judy

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