Nobody does “Thrift” like Faith Farm

For the last 7 years, I have been blessed to work at Faith Farm Ministries. Working in the Administration Offices, it’s always a treat to take a break and visit the Thrift Store, and I am always amazed when I do. Nobody does “Thrift” like Faith Farm. 20150612_091412Every time I enter the store, it is fresh and different.  The New Furniture department is filled with staged ensembles of beautiful new furniture, complete with fireplaces, lamps, tables, art and floral centerpieces.  The used furniture area has new choices every visit, whether one day or one week apart.  During a “Big Sale” at Faith Farm, inventory changes hourly.20150612_085912I am amazed at the deals in the clothing room with lighted jewelry display cabinets, hat and shoe displays and mannequins featuring party dresses and wedding attire.  It looks more like a boutique.  20150612_085642Quite a few visits have resulted in found treasure in the form of brand new designer suits with the tags still on them!  … YEAH!20150612_085557New books, art and collectibles come in every day; electronics, computers, appliances, sporting goods, medical equipment … all your needs at prices anyone can afford.  The outside sales area is a rummage lover’s dream.  I am amazed at how friendly everyone is and how hard everyone works.20150612_090356What amazes me most is that after 64 years, many of our shoppers still do not know that they are saving lives by shopping at a Faith Farm Thrift Store.  We are so much more than a Thrift Store.  When you shop with us, you are supporting our 9 month residential, college accredited, drug and alcohol addiction recovery program.  Simply put, your shopping dollar saves the lives of those that are serving you through their work training program in our Thrift Stores!  Visit us and you will be amazed, too! Our “Red Hot Summer Sale” is August 7 & 8, with extended hours from 9 am to 8 pm both days.  Also, every Wednesday is “Senior Day” when our 55+ year old customers can receive an additional 25% off any item, excluding new furniture.  Bring your friends, have some fun, and save a life, too!

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