Ask the Addict’s Mom – Why did you start the Addict’s Mom?

When I discovered my two sons were using drugs, my life fell apart.  For months I felt this isolation, this desperation and unbearable heartache.  I couldn’t function, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t work; all I did was focus on my two sons.  My family suffered, my friendships suffered, I even walked away from a very successful business I had started.  Nothing was as important as being with my sons, but I was so confused and full of pain myself, it took some time to put my thoughts and life back together again.

As I lay in my bed of heartache and solitude I kept thinking why doesn’t anyone care?  Why doesn’t anyone understand?  Yet, deep inside I knew I couldn’t be the only mom suffering.  Deep inside I knew there had to be others going through the same emotional pain that I was.  Another mom suffering from their own child’s addiction. I wanted to create a place for all moms of addicts to gather.  A place where they would have the freedom to share their anguish without the burden of shame and guilt that comes with having an addicted child.  A place where they wouldn’t be alone.

It was through my desperation, heartache and pain the idea for The Addicts’ Mom was born. I decided that since no one was reaching out to me, I would reach out to them.  I believed that if I could find other moms going through what I was, and if we could share without shame our experiences, our sorrows, our pain of having an addicted child, we would become stronger.  

In the last five years, The Addict’s Mom has grown from a small group on Facebook to almost 15,000 members and we expect to double our membership this year.  The Addict’s Mom now has a website and Facebook closed groups, fan pages, specialized groups, and more. The Addict’s Mom is a forum that encourages personal change and healing. Thousands of mothers, along with dads, siblings, grandparents, spouses, children, recovering addicts, in fact anyone who loves an addict will find comfort by the open, honest sharing of challenges and victories experienced with their children. Their broken spirits find healing, hope and comfort in the darkness of addiction.

All members also share the sorrow and heartbreak when one of our moms loses their child from this terrible disease.  Our moms know each of these losses is a tragedy that could be prevented.  So to help bring awareness and change The Addict’s Mom is taking action and moving forward into new territory.  |

With the help of Executive Director, Duana Wilkins and Kathy Frasier, Regional Director, I have decided to move The Addict’s Mom from a support community to a nonprofit organization where we will fulfill the mission of The Addict’s Mom.  A mission to “Transform the perceptions of addicts and their families, saving the lives and futures of those who matter most, the children. 

But there are still so many hurting moms out there we haven’t reached yet.  So many mothers who don’t know there is a place they can share without shame.  A place where they won’t be alone and they can find hope, comfort and unconditional acceptance from other mothers going through the same experiences.  This is still the main purpose of The Addict’s Mom and I will never give up hoping to reach that mom.  That mom, was me.

If you would like to join The Addicts Mom either because you are hurting from having a loved one suffering from the disease of addiction, or because you want to help bring awareness and change please go to one of our sites listed below.  



Facebook Closed Group:

Facebook Fan Page:

Facebook Grandparent to Grandparent:

Facebook Addict’s Mom 911

The Addict’s Mom Showcase:

The Addict’s Mom reaches out to families dealing with addiction.  We invite them to join us, where they can “Share without Shame,” the daily struggle, their sorrows, their victories with other families who understand the impact of this devastating disease.  We off resources, groups, referrals, but most of all we offer hope and the knowledge that we are not alone in this fight to change perceptions and save lives.  The Addict’s Mom is currently registering for non-profit status and growing by the hundreds daily.  Find us on Facebook as well as the web.  We Are Not Doctors or Therapist. We Do Not Give Medical Advice or Opinions or Engage In The Practice of Medicine or Therapy.  Opinions expressed by our members are opinions and should not be used as therapy or medical advice.  Always see guidance from your doctor or therapist before proceeding with any treatment or procedure. 

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